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POLL Should walkers be charged £1 to use campsite loos?


POLL Should walkers be charged £1 to use campsite loos?  

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Somewhat shocked and confused by this poll.. If I read the original article correctly, the toilets are privately owned, and sit on private land? What gives the public the right to use this facilities? Especially for no cost? Why would you expect these facilities to be free?


The campers staying at the site wouldn't be too happy if the toilets were open to the public, and then misused?


The owners have to pay to clean them and provide soap, toilet roll etc.


And finally, the campsite owners are in it to make money, they are at the end of the day a business, there not in it purely to ensure the public have a place to relieve themselves...


We sometimes forget as campers that campsites are businesses, not charitees, or public owned bodies for the good of everybody.


Rant over


;-) ;-)

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In many areas there is a cost for using Public Convienences, admittedly subsidised by the local Council Tax Payers.

So why should a private business be expected to provide free facilities.

Agree with previous posters - the facilities have to be cleaned & increased usage = increased cleaning, which has to be paid for somehow.

IMO campers, caravanners & motorhomers, would quite rightly object to site fees being increased to cover the additional cleaning costs due to increased use by admittance of the general public.


Maybe £1:00 fee appears high, but that is the site owners perogative & could have be set at that level to deter use by the general public.


There is also the question of increased public traffic giving a percieved sence of a less secure site.


If a Site provided public use - How many Site users would take the option of a n alternative site. (?)

I suspect a high proportion >:-)

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