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michele - 2012-02-04 11:00 PM


Patricia are you in France now ?. Is it snowing there ?.


Yes i'm in France. Had snow on the ground for a week now and the strong winds have made quite deep drifts. I cannot get my car out as the drifts are too deep but my neighbours are mobile and most of the main roads are clear. Lots of ice though as it is bitterly cold (-18 at night and about -10 daytime), looks beautiful though on the mountains as it is mostly sunny in the daytime. No hot water though (went swimming this morning so I could have two good showers - one before and one after) so I am dreading the result when the thaw comes. Fortunately the heating is working although there are threats that the electric will be cut off!


Just looked at forecast and will be below freezing until 14th at least!

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