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Camping Poste Sign - what is it


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Just looking at an aire from Google earth view , no camping car signs but a sign saying Camping Poste on it with what looks like an angel holding a cup and under that an arrow pointing down the street where the aire is meant to be.


Any clues?



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The Promenade du Pre de l'Echelle forks. The LH fork is a cul de sac, at the end of which is what appears to be a camp site, possibly very short season, possibly closed, that was probably a municipal. This is presumably what the sign is indicating.

There is no aire as such, and no services, but between the two forks of the Promenade du Pre de l'Echelle there is a smallish, free, parking area with, so far as I can remember, no restriction on duration of stay.

Noyers is a quite pleasant and attractive little place, with some interesting buildings, so worth a wander around.

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