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Tips to save water

Daniel the editor

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I believe 'Big Eck' is going to bottle the stuff and start selling it down south. £1.40 per litre and 25p for the bottle. As we have it coming out of our ears here in Scotland that should generate some revenues.


Of course English registered motorhomes will not be allowed to fill their tanks before setting of south again, unless they pay a 'fill up fee'. Checks at the border perhaps?????? That would get the unemployed back to work.


On a practical note back to the last time and 'share a bath' etc. Just the thing if you invite that cute little blond at number 33. Just wait till the wife is at her mothers though.


Acvtually on a serious note the answer for the people down south is not to have so many residents. Increasing the population so fast is bound to cause shortages without any effect of drought. But unfortunately our Governments of all clours seem to have no idea how to resolve that one, although the general public seems to have clear ideas.

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We live in the far West, we have NO water shortage, In fact we have had two very wet Summers on the trot, followed by a Wet Winter, why should we need to save water ?? In Fact ALL of the West of the Country from Cornwall to the Hebrides has had plenty of rainfall, AND if the Water Companies used 'Joined up thinking' instead of putting corporate profit before their Customers needs. They would'nt have a problem either. The UK has adequate rainfall to supply ALL of it's population. If only they did'nt ALL want to live in the South East, and have placed all of their 'crop growing' in East Anglia.

A 'Grid' system for the water supply, a simple answer, but of course 'vested' interests would no longer 'pool resources' to allow that to be built.

I am not 'saving' water, I use what i pay for. Ray


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Absolutely buggerall to be honest.


I very much come from the "well I've paid for it" brigade. So that's all right then? No but...


No kids, rarely use a hosepipe, never bath (always shower, for the pedants), quite often use the free car wash at work so our usage is surely way within reasonable use.





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Tony Jones - 2012-03-31 2:27 PM


Why isn't this thread listed on the "Your Views" index page? I only found it from the Home page.


Figured it out now. There are so many "sticky threads" on the "YV" forum, that this one has dropped to page 2.


MODS: could that just possibly, maybe, perhaps, mean there might just be TOO MANY sticky threads on this particular category?


So could it maybe, just slightly, be a BIT of a good idea to "unstick" some of the old ones?

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