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Battery Pole Positions warning


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I Checked the two liesure batteries when I got the van out of storage one was showing that it needed charging, as we have a solar panel this was a good indication that it was past it;s best. I lifted the battery out of it's box to inspect it.

It was a 120 ah Trust Orange battery, the sticker on the side from Catterick Caravans said it was fitted in 2006 had a 2 year guarantee and cost £49.99.


I had never heard of Trust Orange but as it had lasted 6 Years, seemed like a good price and I was passing Catterick Caravans on the way to The Lakes at the weekend I thought I will get another one from them happy in the knowledge that it will be a straight swap.


They still stocked them but were now £71 99 but only to expected after 6 Years.


When I got to the site I found the Poles where at different ends to the old battery which meant an hour rerouting the cables.


So beware when buying a new battery make sure you get one with the poles at the appropriate ends to suit the cables and dont assume like I did that the positions are standard on all batteries.


If I get 6 years out of the new battery I won't complain though. My other battery, also a Trust Orange, is 4 years old and is still going strong so why spend over £100 on "Quality" batteries?

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A useful warning.


The "Batteries & Accessories" section of Catterick Caravans on-line shopping website




shows a number of examples of leisure batteries. I believe it's more usual nowadays to have the positve (+) terminal on the right when the battery is viewed with the terminals nearest to you, and this is the case with the Elecsol 110Amp battery shown.


However, it should be noted that the Numax batteries have the + terminal on the left, as (based on the terminal colours) does the 120Amp Trust battery. Just to complicate matters further, the 100Amp battery (also labelled "Trust Orange Juice") plainly has its + terminal on the right.


It needs saying that, if the battery terminals of a replacement battery differ in their positioning or type (particularly if a starter-battery is to be replaced) it may be impracticable to install it. Caveat emptor...



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Quite often if the terminals of a new leisure battery are at opposite ends, turning the battery 180 deg so they are on opposite sides usually means existing connectors will reach. If you have a pair where one is different then swap over so terminals are not adjacent so less risk of a short.
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