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TV Aerial-Lunar Roadstar


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When I purchased our Lunar Roadstar in November 2011, I noticed that there were TWO television aerials on the roof !

I was advised at the time that I would gain no benefit by removing the 'old style' fixed aerial and to just use the 'raise and turn' new style aerial.

So it's still up there and quite honestly it's bugging me !

I'm convinced it shouldn't be there if it's not working but need your comments on whether I should bother to remove it or just leave it !

Your comments please.


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1st the raise and turn is the 1, when on site , look which way the others are pointing, then turn yours approx same way, and everything will be good..providing you have digi tv !!

just read your post properly!! just leave the old aerial where it is, if you remove it, you have to fill in the hole...then leaks can happen etc, so if it was me just leave it


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