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Solar panel connection 2


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Hi folks, got the panel on today, bit fiddly getting the cable down through the cupboards, but it was worth it. I used mini-trunking from Screwfix ( £1.26 for 2 Metres ) to keep everything nice and tidy and it looks a treat.


In the end i thought i would try the connection the the distribution board ( +B2 and -B2 ). Everything seems to be running ok and the Voltage does show on the control panel. It does not show the Amps but i`m not bothered about that.


I have checked the readings with a multi-meter and with the sun fairly low at 4pm this afternoon it was reading a full charge at 14.4 volts both on the control panel and on the multi-meter. After a while it dropped back to 13.8 volts which i think is the float charge.


So once again Thank You to everyone for their comments and bye for now.

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