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Conservatory Tax "axed" & U-turn on Charity Tax relief?


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This is from the Mail – so a bit of caution required – but the report does seem accurate


“Conservatory tax to be axed for being 'an attack on aspiration' (and ministers signal a retreat on charity tax relief too)”


So perhaps Pam has got her wish.




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It seems accuarate to me so far.


As for the listed buildings and charitable status - it does apply in the sort of case the wondeful Pam is singing about because most renovation projects recieve charitable status for the capital raised and also benefit from the dispensations attached to VAT Notice 708 for buildings (- including listed and those used by charaties - and also caravan parks!) - not used as "ordinary homes".


I have always said it is crazy that a renovation by the likes of us mere mortals attracts VAT but knock na building down for a new build and no VAT on the construction.




So the concession for listed buildings always made a bit of sense.


This from the HMRC website if you want more info:-



Zero-rating and reduced-rating construction work on buildings that aren't ordinary homes


Type of work VAT rate Further guidance notes


Civil engineering work for developing a residential caravan park - VAT rate zero

See VAT Notice 708, 'Buildings and construction'


Approved alterations to listed buildings - including houses, flats, communal residential buildings, and certain buildings used by charities - VAT rate zero

See VAT Notice 708, 'Buildings and construction'


Converting a non-residential building into a house or communal residential building for a housing association - VAT rate zero

See VAT Notice 708, 'Buildings and construction'



The construction of certain other types of communal residential building may in some cases qualify for zero-rating. These can include:


•children's homes

•residential care homes


•student accommodation

•school boarding houses

•armed forces' accommodation

•monasteries, nunneries and similar buildings







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Deeply contrasting "take" from the Guardian! :-D where Damian Carrington has a typical Alarmist take on what most see as a sensible move away from overbearing state interference.




It seems that in his eyes, the welcome rethink on us all having to get permission to change a boiler or do other work on our own houses and the proposed “permission” being subject to a requirement for other work to be done funded by long term loans forced upon the homeowner, is all a dastardly plot by “Conservative Climate Change Sceptics”.


It could not possibly simply be that the crazy idea was a 1984’ish step too far, a vote loser, a barmy idea that would place FAR FAR too much power in the hands of the State – be it local or central or in combination.


Don't you just love the use of terms like "cosy homes" and the inference that if this staggering bit of intrusive legislation does not get on the statute books we are going to allow our homes to become cold drafty hovels?


Just as well it is getting warmer then! (lol) (lol) (lol)


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