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Autocruise Alto


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Hi to all,


New member to the forum and wanted to seek any advice or words of comfort regarding my new panel van motor home.


After six "C" class low profile m/homes, I eventually decided to down size, this year, to a brand new panel van in the guise of an Autocruise Alto. This seemed a good compromise as I like the fixed bed, French style, and it has lots of familiar fixtures etc that I had in previous vans. I liked the idea of the EURO 5 engine and all the benefits it purports to give.


I have just returned from its maiden voyage covering some 1000 miles and feel really low having experienced some ( hopefully ) minor problems:

1) Glow plug warning light remaining on after engine fired up and running, went off next day then returned two days later, off again today

2) Engine management light came on with 50 miles left to travel to get home. Off today and no obvious reason why.

3) When engine off and parked up, radio not working displaying " code error ". Worked fine the next day and now ok again

4)MP3 player not working and message saying facility unavailable 'tho it clearly is with this model.


All my other m/homes have been on Fiat engines but I opted for Peugeot this time as the greater part of my travelling is in France. It is the 2.2litre 130bhp engine and only six weeks old. Is this a normal tale of woe for the Peugeot engines? Am I unlucky? How do you restore your confidence to travel 1000's of miles in a van that has already given you worries.


The dealer has been excellent and booked the van into the main Peugeot Garage for them to "plug it in" and sort out the problems. BUT........ we all know the problem with automotive itermittant faults!


By the way, for any other members with the same engine, there are two recalls on this Boxer model already. Contact your local main Peugeot dealer for further information :-(

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Sorry to hear of your problems. We have the Alto on the previous Boxer. Have had various problems mostly small. I went direct to my main agent because they were closer than suppling dealer. They have sorted the problems without any quibbles. Even had to send it back on the AA recovery wagon twice, electrical faults are hard to find. As the vans come from the same source as the Fiat I can see no diference in quality. Some say Peugeot aftersales support is better than Fiat. Love the Alto tho still sit in it with a smile .

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Thank you for the reply and words of re-assurance about the Boxer main dealer. Bought this one to be my last m/home before senility sets in and thats why the problems really disappoint the whole new m/home experience. I too sit in my Alto and smile as it has everything I want without being too wide for country lanes and car parks ( without barriers ).
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This kind of thing is indeed really disappointing but the faults you describe should, in most cases, be cleared by the dealer without too much grief.

Let's hope that in a few weeks' time it'll all just be a memory and if there are no more teething troubles you may actually have got off quite lightly!

Good luck.
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