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Garmin Base Camp

Mike B.

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Has anyone used this for setting up preferred routes etc?

I am finding it very difficult to use even after watching all the videos a number of times. Does anyone else find it difficult?

All I want to do is click on Start & Destination on maps but it seems impossible to do this.

Is it Me or Base Camp?



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Guest JudgeMental

I have garmin mapsource installed on PC and travel laptop. I just use the "route tool" to plot the route I want to go......not where where GPS tells me to go! This way if I get it wrong its my fault. So if I want to use a section of toll road for convenience I can,and if i want to avoid them (as we have this trip to Spain) i can do that also.


Then I just upload route to GPS


from Dunkirk to Alicante cost us approx £40 in tolls using mainly N roads in France which were fine. Toll motorways in Spain cheap, campers class 1 same as cars, fuel also better value so toll roads not worth avoiding


sorry not much help with base camp I'm afraid.....

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Yes I use Basecamp and haven't found it a problem.

I'm using it with City Navigator and OS Discoverer maps, plus a few others.

I add waypoints along the proposed route and then create a route from these waypoints and finally put the resulting route GPX file in the Garmin/gpx directory on the device's memory card.

Works great.


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