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Swing-out table


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Hi, this topic has probably been aired before - so apologies from a “newbie” (having moved over from caravanning for 30+ years.)


The motorhome is an Autocruise Wentworth 07 model with the standard swivel “captain” seats.


Are there any manufacturers which produce some form of swing-out tables that allow use of the seats? We’d need sufficient space for a two place setting plus the serving dishes etc? And the subsidiary question – if there are any - any ideas on price please?


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....depending on your configuration and ability to mount the brackets, this is usually achieved by the fitting of a removable "cranked" table leg, along with a table top which might (if you wanted to match) be bought from your original converter.


The following page shows an example "Swing Out Leg Kit", and some table tops that you could fit. (along with pricing)




Other suppliers will have similar items on sale.

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Hi Gerry & welcome to the forum.


The leg I think you want (Robin's "cranked leg") are generally refered to as "Swan Neck Table Legs"


We purchased from Magnum Motorhomes, Grimsby (c£60 in 2009) but like the O'Leary's link neither are currently showing on their websites. Both have a large selection of Table Tops (sizes & colours)

The legs are often used in common VW Camper Van layout.

Rainbow Conversions at Wisbech, also had them available.


Other possibilities :-

www.olearymotorhomes.co.uk (Beverley)

www.wyvernleisure.co.uk (Shepton Mallet)

www.charlesandson.co.uk (Poole)

www.magnummotorhomes.co.uk (Grimsby)

www.caktanks.co.uk (Kennilworth)

www.autovan.co.uk/ (Wimborne)


Also one on e-bay



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Hi, like you we have a Wentworth and have fitted a swing out table, works great. We picked our leg up second hand on ebay so no help to you, however, my brother in law saw ours and then ordered one from o'learys. They said they would order one for him when he phoned them but it only took about a week to arrive. One thing worth mentioning, if you manage to get hold of the set up, consider fixing the table top off centre, that way you get more 'throw' on the arc. Good luck in your hunting. Merle

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Hi Cruisecontrol


Wellcome to the Forum, I had the table you desire fitted on a Lunar Telstar a few years ago and this was obtained from Lunar , it was a cracking table with a stainless steel leg and the table was round about an inch and a half thick it also matched my other worktops so as Robinhood suggests try the makers as you may also get a match.



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