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Original Post : 7 February 2012 5:32 PM

I am pleased (?) to say that my original query in mid-February concerning the unexplained ‘dying’ of my Trident Campervan (five times in two miles) has now had its fault found and rectified. The problem was caused by an intermittent fault in a Power Relay – the replacement costing £15. Total cost to find the fault in excess of £1300. In the process it was also found that an off-side wheel bearing was going faulty and the steering linkage needed adjustment.

Having rectified the fault satisfactorily and driven on the road for a week to check and arrange for an MOT now almost due, we went out to re-fuel and buy provisions for a trip out this coming May W/End – and the Clutch burned out !!!

I am now looking for a Bank Manager to refund me a part of the National Debt.

May I thank all of those who responded to my original query. I thought you may like to know the eventual outcome in case a similar occurrence happens to someone else in the future.

Good luck, and thanks again, Peter R.


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