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Reverse park sensors - Autocruise Wentworth 2007


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In 2 weeks I’m taking delivery of a 2007 Autocruise Wentworth. The rear panel assembly has a series of what look like parking sensors. They are identical to those fitted to my car (a body coloured "plastic" circle within a plastic ring). I’d suggest that if they were just caps covering fixing points then Autocruise would have found a more elegant method of attachment.


One mechanic at the dealer says yes they certainly look like sensors, another says not so. Before I press the point with the manager does anyone know if sensors were part of the Wentworth basic spec?


I've not had the opportunity to drive the vehicle yet, nor will I do so before delivery, and I'm out of the country until two days before pick up. I’d just like to some background before pressing the point.


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Cruisecontrol - 2012-04-25 8:33 PM


...does anyone know if sensors were part of the Wentworth basic spec?


I can't tell you for sure if reversing-sensors were part of a 2007 Wentworth's standard specification. However, a lot of the on-line advertisements for Autocruise motorhomes (spanning a wide time range) indicate that the vehicles being advertised have such sensors.


This advert for a 2007 Wentworth




says that the vehicle has "reverse sensors".


This might be evidence that the sensors were standard: on the other hand, if this is the actual vehicle you've bought, it might not!


I tend to agree with you that, if the 'caps' look just like reversing sensors, then they most probably are. It should be easy enough for someone at the vending dealership to confirm whether or not the 'caps' are sensors if you e-mail them and ask. Also, if they are sensors, for the dealership to confirm that the related reversing warning-system is still functioning.


I note that you have yet to drive the motorhome. Is 'your' Wentworth based on the current Peugeot Boxer X250 chassis (as shown in the Becks Motorhomes advert I gave a link to above) or a 2007-registered Wentworth based on the previous Boxer X244?


Autocruise used the Wentworth name for motorhomes using the X244 and X250 chassis, and 2006/2007 was when X250-based motorhomes began to be marketed in quantity in the UK.


If your Wentworth is like the one in the Becks advert, then I guess you are aware of the well-publicised 'juddering' problems some earlier X250-based motorhomes were prone to when being reversed on a steep incline?

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Hi Derek


Many thanks for the most useful reply! Yes - I think you are right in that the van did have sensors and the link almost proves it.


I've come to the conclusion that as the previous owner obviously towed a vehicle (evidenced by fitted the tow bar) to avoid constant audible warnings the sensors were disconnected. Now of course the problem is where they were disconnected? Sensibly a switch in the cab should have been installed, but knowing my luck that is unlikely! I could ask the previous owner - but as the van was sold due to a bereavement that might be insensitive. Oh well!


Thanks also for the warnings about the gear box. I'm an ex caravanner and noted the problem was well documented in the club mags. So when looking at motorhomes I checked this aspect; "my" van is 2007 registered with the "old" 5 speed box. As I understand it, the 2008 model had the X250 chassis with the 6 speed box as seen in the Beck's advert.


Thanks again



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You may find,that as the feed is only usually taken from the revesing lights/wire,there probably isn't any sort of "isolation switch"(..we've got a towbar on our van and we haven't got one).

...and,if they are failing to work(which I assume is the problem?)then you may just find that a wire has come adrift..(..this happened with our's)

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