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Having just returned from France myself I found that Diesel prices varied from €1.57 at Motorway Service Stations to €1.36 in the smaller villages and towns. Still cheaper than UK though :-D We only ate out in a restaruant on our last evening, the rest of the time we bought provisions from supermarkets, local shops and markets but didn't find it any more expensive than UK, in fact we thought that a lot of basics were probably a bit cheaper, not by much but every Euro counts (lol)
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hallii if you are interested in the canal there is a very interesting motorhome parking at the summit level where the canal feeder comes in from the Black mountain. Good for a quiet overnight stay.


Accès/adresse :

Col de Naurouze

Accès par RN 113



Latitude : (Nord) 43.35238° Décimaux ou 43° 21' 8''

Longitude : (Est) 1.8239° Décimaux ou 1° 49' 26''


Tarif : Gratuit


The obelisque commemorating Paul Riquet the builder of the Midi is there and the Peninsular war ended there also, with the final treaty being signed by the Duke of Wellington in one of the buildings on the site.


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