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Using an I Pad to stream tv into an Auto Trail and sat systems


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Geezer - 2012-05-03 9:59 PM



Has anyone found a way to stream from an I pad to the media pack ?



I dont think it is possible, you can file transfer some items by blue tooth, or direct wire to usb itunes and maybe videos in the Itunes folders, but streaming internet could be problem.


That said I think you can get a apple connector to VGA or midi connector but this a direct connection to a screen. Note sure if the midi would carry the audio signal from the Ipad, a bit of Googling might tell you.



Also does anyone have an opinion on the best type of sat system to fit ?



I have a Camos pod and controller running through a Pace sat tuner, works for me with little problem. Feeds into an Avtex TV (12/240V)







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