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folding trikes

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.....having seen your post, I was intrigued as I walked along the Leeds-Liverpool canal today to see a woman riding a folding trike (somewhat of a coincidence, and not something you see very day).


It looked a fairly substantially engineered piece of (fully-folding) kit, and was made by Di Blasi (who have been making/selling folding bikes for quite some time).


I resolved to look it up on the web when I got back, in case that would provide any information on dealers.


.....so, I did; there was certainly an amount of information, including dealers and a number of people selling over the web - BUT, at the price, I doubt you'd be interested. :-S



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There are kits out there to convers a standard bike into a tricycle but they ain't cheap!


As an alternative, if you already have a folding bike, what about looking into fitting some outriggers/stabalisers type wheels to it, not a tricycle as such but if all that is needed is more stability when riding this may fit the bill and be a lot cheaper too.


Edited to add the following which I've just found on Ebay:



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