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fresh water fill up hose


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I wonder if anyone out there has worked out a solution for this:


I'd like to find something to be able to turn off the hose I use for fresh water fill up at -or very near - the end which goes into the van's fresh water fill up point.


I know I could use a spray gun but these end up either spraying a wide pattern or a hard jet.


My current solution of kinking the hose when the tank is full or running to the tap with water pouring out of the hose is slightly less than satisfactoy... :-)


Maybe a spray gun which has a seeting which just lets the water flow AND fits into the refill point of the van, or is that too much to ask...


Thanks in advance



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Guest ChrisB
Another alternative which works for us is a Hozelock stop valve (from any garden shop or ironmonger) on the home hosepipe, and a Heoswater fitting (make sure you get the right one) into the van. The benefit of this is that the Heoswater goes with you, so when you fill up on sites makes it easier.
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BGD - 2012-05-12 11:34 PM


Derek Uzzell - 2012-05-12 7:54 AM


Alternatives to the Heoswater fitting are advertised here





I'm missing summat here.

Why not just use a bog standard hosepipe, with its end pushed a little way into your MH filler tube?


There are two components to this thread


1. The original inquiry about an in-line stop-valve that could be fitted near the motorhome end of the freshwater filling-hose to shut off the water flow at will and prevent/limit the amount of water pouring out of the 'filler tube' when the motorhome's water tank becomes full.


2. A follow-up comment by Solwaybuggier mentioning the Heoswater device




Just sticking a hose in the filler tube has the potential for the hose to fall out of the tube if it's only a little way inside. Even if the hose can be pushed a fair distance inside the filler-tube, a high-pressure water supply with non-progressive operation can easily cause the hose to be blown back out of the tube.


If filling the water tank is a 2-person task, then one person can hold the hose in the filler tube and the other person can regulate the water supply. But, if you are on your own (or choose not to involve anyone else in the water-filling operation), devices like the Heoswater will facilitate water filling by stopping the hose falling out (or being blown out) of the filler tube.


I would have thought the rationale behind Heoswater (and similar-principle fittings) is self-evident and, if you've never had the hose come out of the filler tube during water filling, you've been very lucky.


(I assume E645 Bessacarr's comment refers to the filler hose being fitted with a piece of bent copper that hooks temporarily on to the entrance of the filler tube and prevents the hose coming out during water filling. It's a simple and effective idea for filler tubes that can be hooked on to.)

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Thanks for all the replies.

I don't mind standing by the van holding the hose whilst refilling, i just need to be able to stop the water when it's full rather than run like forrest gump back to the tap :-)

In line tap ordered from ebay for £ 2.95, problem solved.

Thanks everyone who took the time to respond.


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