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Things to know as a newbie


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Hi All


Me and my fiancee are both in our early 20's and have recently really got into the idea of hiking. We have both camped out before but with the security of having a car to lug it all around.


Would appreciate anyones views on hiking, and I am sure there are some really obvious do's and dont's that we may have missed. We have got our new tent and we have good quality backpacks and in the process of buying the "gadgets".


We intend to go somewhere relatively close to home first as we are fortunate enough to have the wealds on our doorstep.

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from hard experience, mostly winter and mountain walking mind


good boots fitted by someone who knows what they are doing and a pack of compeeds in the rucsac, indeed a decent first aid kit if you are planning anything adventurous


my MSR windpro and MSR kettle mean a brew any time we want, the ones without a preheater wont work below zero. Tripod stoves are a lot more stable than canister top jobbies (imo)


a DD Tarp ( or maybe Survival Shelter) can be a lifesaver, tarp can be used for bad weather shelter while walking and lots of uses at camp. As can a water bladder in the sac rather than bottle

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