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Alternative to Al-Ko shock absorbers


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As I have a leaking rear shock absorber on my Al-Ko chassied Bel-Air I'm going to need a new pair.


So far all my internet searching has not found an alternative to the (very) expensive ones from Al-Ko direct.


Anyone found an equivalent? (its the blue ones that I need)

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Derek Uzzell - 2012-05-14 9:48 AM


You may be out of luck. See:




Thanks Derek, I'd seen that post from my searches - I'm amazed that apparently only Al-Ko make these shocks and there doesn't seem to be a Koni/Monroe etc equivalent.


Robinhood - 2012-05-14 10:06 AM


......though it may be possible to buy the Al-Ko parts through another supplier.


Depending on what you are being quoted by Al-Ko, this may shave a few pounds off.






Thank you for that link, I'll keep it to hand as I'm waiting for Al-Ko to come back with their up to date price.

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I bought a pair of GBA Premier shockers part number GB 2135 from a local supplier as a replacement for a pair of blue al-ko ones on the rear of my Autotrail Chieftain, loads cheaper than Al-Ko ones, been on a couple of years now with no issues. Can't find a web page though, it was just a local firm that had them in so they are out there :)
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Guest JudgeMental
bumpyrides10 - 2014-03-06 5:30 PM



Hi, I have access to these shock absorbers at a very reasonable price. If you would like a quote please telephone 01924 281313 for prices. We can post to europe at an extra cost.


do you supply full air kits plse (worth a shot :-D)

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