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sliding window noise

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Hi All


Hope someone can help, we have a Pilote A Class, it has a front sliding window, it makes a terrible noise when we are travelling, I have fluffed up the hairy runner, no good, I have stuffed blue tack in the corners, no good, Im thinking of going drastic and masticing the window shut permanently, any ideas?


Regards Val

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We had exactly the same problem, on a similar type of A-class van.

No idea why they made the damn thing slideable in the first pace....it is an utter rubbish design, and about as secure as a chocolate teapot.


Tried all sorts, but in the end the solution was indeed to mastic the entire sliding portion of the window into place - both on the outside and inside edges all round.


I did also drill through the inside edge of the frame and screw in several self tapping screws before masticing over them, as additional security to stop the window being slid opened if the mastic was slit by a stanley knife etc..


Now permanently shut, and no wind noise when travelling at all. (Also doesn't leak when travelling in driving rain either).

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