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Towbar alterations.


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Can anyone clarify if it is ok for us to remove the towbar off its ( original Ford) fixings and place a made up bumper protector bar and then re-attach the tow bar to that?

I read somewhere that new rules apply to towbars for the MOT?

I will try and attach a photo.




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Hi Chris

Much will depend on when the Motorhome was built.

The 94/20EC Type Approved Motorhome Towbars came into effect late in 2009.

If this applies to your Motorhome, any change would invalidate the Type Approval.


AFAIA the MOT regs relate to the Towbar Mounting Bolts / points & checks for welds cracking.


If prior to introduction of the Type Approval date & you are just removing the Towball to fit the bumper & then refitting the towball, it will just be a question of ensuring Bolt Torque settings are correct. However if it involves drilling the Towbar I would suggest contacting the Towbar manufacturer for advice.

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Thanks Flika

Our van was manufactured in March 2008 but we bought it new and unregistered in Oct 2010. Its a Dethleffs Fortero.

I thought there was more to it than removing and reapplying the tow bar.


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