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Taking a non-EU dog from Spain to Morocco & back

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We are Canadians flying into Lisbon with our Canadian dog this Dec.

The dog will have the requisite Canadian International Health certificate for entry into the EU.We have done that several times before & this is not an issue.


We will travel in our motorhome to Morocco for part of the trip.

We won't have a EU pet passport, as we are not EU residents.


So - does anyone know if there is some paperwork I would need to ensure that the dog can come back into the EU (Spain) for the flight back to Canada from Portugal in Jan.? (The certificate from Canada is good for a 10 day window between issuance and entry into the EU, so will have expired by the time we re-enter the EU from Morocco).



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Thanks everyone


I have no problem figuring out how to get our dog into the EU from Canada - I've done that several times & even have a page on my travel website explaining the process to others.


My issue is once I'm in the EU, leaving for Morocco & then returning.My paperwork is for entry from Canada, not Morocco.(the paperwork essentially certifies the same elements as a EU Pet Passport).


I emailed the Spanish Embassy here - first they sent me a generic link to "how to bring your dog into Europe", but then someone in the consulate actually read my email, realized that my question is more complicated than that, & phoned me (I am impressed).


Short answer is that they don't know. She recommended that I go to Spanish Customs/Immigration right at the border before leaving the country & get an opinion from them if my Canadian paperwork will suffice for a return from Morocco.


I had no idea that Desertdetours was a Canadian...before posting here, I did a google search & he had the most relevant post on another (non-motorhome) forum. Nothing specifically addressing our situation, though - not surprising.


I am loathe to ask for free info from someone who makes his living in a related industry - but thanks for the pointer!


Thanks all - I expect I'll follow the Spanish Consulate's advice - or just stay in Spain & Portugal.

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I now have sorted out that there is a Spanish "CERTIFICADO VETERINARIO DE SALUD

( VETERINARY HEALTH CERTIFICATE)" that is filled in by a Spanish vet (maybe even, specifically, an Andalusian vet).


Actually, it looks like even EU citizens with a EU Pet Passport might need this as well (of this I am not certain).


Does anyone have the name of a competent vet in the south of Spain, preferably near Algeciras, that I can contact re. this? (I found a couple in Madrid, but we are not going near that city this trip).



Frank in Toronto

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Ray at Desert Detours has no problem helping non-clients as you will see from many postings around the place, why not just ask.


Ray has taken his own dog on every tour for years and I know they have a well versed vet at their base inland from Malaga-Marbella.


There were client dogs on the [fantastic] tours I did with them and I know they used the DD vet.



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