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Looking for GPS but what GPS Garmin Flak holux?

Miles Berio

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Ive always had Tom tom but that dont mean its still whats best for a van.I want a new GPS so what do you think?I went to a shop and knock me down there are shed loads









Tom Tom


naivigon and Mio were cheap like £50 Garmin Tom Tom £100 rest silly money

The Garmin 2595,3590,3490 LMT have life time updates free

Mio sprint

Tom Tom go live 1005,825,traffic 60

What i saw i liked the Garmin 3490LMT cos i thought it was a phone real small with Garmin update maps free

I was there half the day and dont know what i want?Garmin update for free?

whats good whats rubbish?


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Dezl 560 for me as you can put van dimensions and weight in. I compared it over 3 months of travelling[5000] miles and had TomTom and a nuvi on at the same time and roads were much better with dezl.

If you dont want lorry facilities you can easily switch to car or pedestrian.

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