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Easy put up Awnings


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HI, Can anyone advise on a drive away awning which really is easy to put up by one person ?Im a lone motorhomer, female, but willing to have a go at anything although I dont want to spend alot of money on something I just cant manage ! Thanks.
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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


Tricky to advise on this without knowing how large an awning you have in mind and which motorhome (make, model, year) you will be attaching it to.


Khyam seems to have a good reputation for easy erection and quality, and their range covers various sizes and prices.




This website may also be useful



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Hi Crispy...

Not an awning I know but we've recently bought one of the Quechua pop-up Base tents(..which we use inconjunction with a simple Outdoor Revolution Easi-Canopi...)





It's up and pegged in 3-4 mins..and down and back in the bag,in 5 mins..(once you've got the knack!)



But be aware that,although lightweight,they are still very large when packed down..so may not *really* be something that can be stored in the van all of the time,on the off chance you may use it...




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Crispy - 2012-06-06 6:26 PM


Hi Pepe,

Great advice, I hadnt considered a pop up tent as an alternative :-)




Unlike a drive-away awning, a tent is not designed to connect to the leisure vehicle. This may not be an issue in your case but, if you own a camper-type motorhome (say a VW Transporter) with a wide sliding side-door, a tent will not offer protection for the door if it rains and you will lose the interior space that an awning's attachment 'tunnel' provides.


pepe63's Chausson Allegro is a near 7 metres long coachbuilt motorhome and, in addition to the Quechua pop-up tent, he employs an Easi Canopi sun awning to shield the entrance door. This combination will provide versatility - awning + tent, awning - tent, tent - awning - but it means he has to carry two bulky items not one, and the combined cost will exceed £200.


As I suggested earlier, the decision as to what will be most suitable for your needs will depend to a large extent on what motorhome you own. For instance, if it's a small camper with a side-door then there are lots of awnings specifically designed for such vehicles; if it has a rear entrance door, then a tailgate-type awning might be a possibility




If your motorhome is tall (like pepe63's) then an awning designed to be attached to the vehicle may be unsuitable as quick erection/removal by one person could prove difficult. In that case a stand-alone tent might be a better option.


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Crispy - 2012-06-09 4:14 PM



Ive got a coachbuild Elddis Sunseeker 120 (2010). I need a drive-away 260cm high.


How would you easily attach/detach that height of drive-away awning to your motorhome on your own (unless you also plan to carry a step-ladder)? It seems to me that you either need a stand-alone 'tent' (ie. an enclosure that is not designed to be attached to a vehicle) or the more usual wind-out awning as shown here:




You could, of course, have a drive-away awning that you did not attach to your motorhome, but then you'd be opting for a product that has a capability that you would not use.

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To respond to Derek's query about how you 'attach' a drive away awning of the height you need, rather than try to slot the rear of the 'tunnel' part into a rail already attached to your MH (or in the front of an already attached wind-out awning), instead you simply throw the securing straps (usually 2) over the top of your MH and secure them on the other side by pegging them into the ground. So long as you can throw them over you shouldn't have a problem and they won't damage your MH in the process.


I believe this is how Dave (pelmetman) secured his. The Outdoor Revolution drive away awnings usually come with the straps, but I'm not sure about any other make of awning that does.

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Guest ChrisB

I am on my second Khyam drive-away awning. Previously had one of their stand-alone "gazebo" type tent - basically the drive-away awning without the connecting tunnel.

All have been very easy to set up and take down. No help needed but faster with two people.

I attach the awning to the end of the Omnistor wind-out awning with clips and wind in. Used to use the figure of 8 channel - but too fussy!

They come in two heights for attachment - needed the extra height in the new one for HT PVC.

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