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Excellent customer service

Tony Jones

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I've fixed a problem on my habitation electrics today, with the help of a "talk-through" on the phone with the electrician who worked on the conversion 4+ years ago. Although "Roxie" has been extremely reliable, there have been a few times when I've had to call on the converters for help, and they've always come up with the goods. They're good with advice & modifications too, and always make me feel like a friend, rather than the pain in the a** I'm sure I really am!


So if you're looking for a good panel-van converter, you could do a lot worse than talk to Horizons!


This isn't an advert, I'm just a satisfied customer. :-D

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Guest 1footinthegrave

In my recent experiences customer service of any kind seems like a rare thing to find, never mind that of the excellent variety, you are very lucky.


I've been trying to think of how one could set up the equivelant of "Trip Advisor" for garage and ancillary services so that we could finally get our collective voices heard.


This year both myself and my daughter have been on the receiving end of some appalling and shoddy work, and in my case, outright lies by a garage I thought was "reputable", problem is they are all "cowboys and chancers" in our neck of the woods, so it's good to hear of a positive experience for once.



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