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wallace m

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Hi folks i want to buy a drive away awning for my carioca 656 and am finding it next to impossible to source one in Ireland.Were going to Windsor next month via Holyhead and wonder does anyone know of any dealers we could call to enroute.I dont want to buy one online as info on them is sketchy and the last thing I want is to end up with one that dosent suit. (?)


Wallace M

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Hi Wallace

Many of the suppliers are now internet sellers & some do not even give an address on their websites.


I think your easiest option where you can view a selection will be Towsure at Halesowen (Birmingham)



May be call on your outward journey to get some ideas & then check around at destination. Then if nothing suitable around Windor, call in again to Towsure on homeward journey.


Good luck.

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