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Getting wet!


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Hi all,is there anyone else apart from me that gets wet from water coming in under between the Omnistor awning and the roof of the van.

Is there a seal or guttering available and from where?? please


Awning is a Omnistor 6002 fitted to a Autocruise Rythm ( Boxer Base)


Camper awaiting summer ...................Thanks in advance to any replys :-(

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Do you meen water leaking down the side of the van between the awning and the van or a leak acctually into the van. ?

I think you meen the former so ............ not aware of a seel or anything, I had same prob on our fiamma so I ran a bead of silicone sealant above the awning. It worked however the water has to go somewere so now we get a waterfall off the end of awning either at front or back depending on how level we are :-D

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.....always found the Fiamma strips as above a real pain.


When I fitted a Fiamma awning to my Rapido, it couldn't be fitted flush to the side because of the "gutter" that Rapido fit to their roof/wall join.


With the special Rapido brackets, Fiamma supply lengths of closed-cell self-adhesive foam strip, to stick to the back of the awning, and create a barrier to the van wall. I found this a much more satisfactory arrangement.


Needs to be good-quality closed-cell, however, of a depth that will close the gap (allowing for some compression), such as on:





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According to my omnistor instructions there is a fillet seal for the top of the awning box



Interestingly Auto Trail handbook point's out that it is a sun shade and it should be closed if it rains too much.



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Guest ChrisB

The Omnistor awning fitted to my Ducato PVC came with a self-adhesive rubber strip fitting between the van roof and the awning box.

It will probably be available from Omni/Thule as an after-fit.

I think I can see it in this parts list:



But also specified a length of "J" rail which can be used for the drive-away awning, but also extends further than the Omnistor and acts as a pretty good gutter.

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Bolly1965 - 2012-06-21 7:11 PM


AliB - 2012-06-21 1:59 PM


Strips are available for Fiamma.




I would have thought Omnistor offer a similar product. Or maybe the Fiamma one can be made to fit.


One of these strips is essential (in my opinion).


Exactly what I need - Thanks!


I managed to retro fit the strip without removing the awning. Applied a very liberal coating of washing up liquid to the edge of the strip. It then easily slipped into the locating groove. Or use KY Jelly if you are not embarrassed to ask for a giant sized tub.

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