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How to Access fluoresence light to check bulb.


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Hi Folks- a quick question please.

The internal standard sitting area fluoresence light in my motorhome is flashing intermittently- (on, off, half on) when I turn it on.

Camper is a 2004 Compass Castaway. The light is the usual circular type but I am not sure if I should just 'pull' it down out of the holder with say a screwdriver, or does it twist off. I don't want to try forcing it off until I know what is the correct method to view the bulb. Any info please?

Franco :$

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Hi there,


i have the same vehicle and the lights in question have 3 plastic lugs spaced evenly

around the edge.




What you need to do is to firmly press the sides and you will notice it gives a little

and you will see the lugs, carefully unclip each one and the lens comes off giving

you access to the bulb.


If you are interested i now have 4 spare bulbs because i have just converted mine

to LED.


PM me if you are inerested .




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mike 202 - 2012-06-22 2:02 PM




Been wondering how to get the cover off for ages, thanks for a good bit of maintenance info.





Glad to be of assistance


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All the best.

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Hi Wooie,

I got access to the light bas per your instructions, and tinkered around with the bulb. It is back on now at present, but I think I will need to revisit it again in the near future. Tks for your help again.



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