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We'm on Youtube!

Dave Newell

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Oh! what a slick and confident dleivery on a subject that Dave is obviously an expert on.


I still went to sleep though!


Seriously, it is not easy to stand up there and do your stuff, I have done it many times and at first it was very hard. As time went on I got a lot better and could actually relax and enjoy myself.


Tips from an expert :- Know your subject, plan your delivery, make notes with bullet points, only answer questions at the end.



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Guest JudgeMental

saw some very good talks at Excel show while having our packed lunch... practice makes perfect I guess :-D


I am booked to give a few talks at next years shows. One on working at heigh from ladders on campers. and another about dangers of bungy cords..looking for an assistant for that one (will need own protective wear)... :D

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Attention span (Attention Span Defecit) is one of those strange things.

Short when a toddler, increases during school years & working life, then deminishes for all us wrinkles.



That's the reason the majority of Youtube entries TV advert breaks are only around 3 minutes in length.


Good presentation, though.


Not critism, but a point to ponder, maybe next time one upload for each presenter, would be more beneficial.

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