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Spare wheel carrier, again.

Mike H

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Hi. Had a recall from Peugeot and took my Starspirit 08, into local dealer for checking. First he said, yes, then said no, because it's only those that wind from rear that need changing. I pointed out that they are identical, it's only the position of winding box that's different. He agreed and said OK we'll change it. Take van back, week later, and wait 2 1/2 hrs, only to be told cannot fit new carrier because of the chssis extension, The old one is OK it winds up and locks.

Now i have received another letter from Peugeot, asking me to get the carrier checked. So the Dealer hasn't told Peugeot what they have done or not.

My question is, has anyone had their side winding carrier changed on a van with the rear chassis extension? I would have thought that any revised part should fit where original parts fitted.


Thanks. Mike

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