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Fiamma F45 awning


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As I understand it (based on the Fiamma catalogue) the "Zip" awnings are marketed complete with front and side panels that are attached to the upper, wind-out part of the awning via Zip-fasteners - hence the name. The fact that the side and front panels are not extras may explain why they are being advertised for sale - you get them with a ZIP awnings wheher you want them or not so, if you don't want them, you might as well flog them.


F45 awnings have no Zip fasteners. 'Privacy room' panels are attached to the upper, wind-out part of the F45 awning via a "Fiamma Clip" system comprising addiitional anodised aluminium components.


So the answer to your question appears to be "No".

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Hi again Derek, I have been on the Fiamma site and watched the video on installing the Zip type. but it was very unclear, but seemed to use flat ali strips that some how clamped to the awning and you were then able to slide in your panels. I was hoping that someone with the zip system could upload some pictures with these attachments. No one seems to be advertising a system for the F45. I can not afford to pay out £500 or more for a new lot that will only be used very occasionally.
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I don't know which video you've been watching, but the "ZIP" awning is shown here




and it should be apparent from Image 6 how the front and side panels attach to the 'roof' - they just Zip together.


There appear to be two types of 'privacy room' systems for F45 awnings






but both seem to use extra aluminium 'strips' (the Fiamma "Clip" system) of the type you've just mentioned. There's also a youtube video showing how the privacy-room panels are fitted to an F45 awning.




I suggest you download the Fiamma catalogue and, if that doesn't answer your question, contact Fiamma direct




As it's evident from Fiamma's brochure that there are two different 'privacy room' systems - one for ZIP awnings and another for F45/65 awnings - it's logical to assume that the one won't fit on the other.


Fiamma also does "Blocker Pro" and "Side W Pro" front and side panels that might suit your requirements





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Moving away from the "will they fit" question...

I would suggest that it's worth you doing a general "search" for Privacy/Safari rooms(both on here and on other forums)....

It appears that quite a few people buy them...and then find them heavy/bulky to lug about and a bit of a b*ll ache to put up!(...so they end up on the likes of ebay etc).


Panels such as Derek mentioned(..or these http://www.mysunshade.co.uk/ )seem to be a popular option..


Having said that,in the past,if we've stayed put for a while,we've used a simple,lightweight(very easy to put up and cheap!)caravan porch-type awning,attached to the groove in the "windout"... :-)

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Hi Derek, I did not see that video on the fiamma site. The utube was much better anyway. I see that I will have to stick to the correct one. Thanks for your help again.

Hi pepe63, we have heard about "windblockers" in your' link, it certainly needs looking into first. Thanks again to you both. "A"

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