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How to use IGO8 and POIs


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Having spent some time playing with POIs on IGO8 since buying a navigation "head unit", I'd resolved to post my experiences, and a "how-to" on here.


I am noticing a fair few additional references to the use of IGO8-based devices, and patently, some people are finding it difficult to either install POIs, and/or make the best use of what they have managed to install.


I managed to get an awful lot of info from the web, but not a single source that told me everything I need to get things working as I wanted.


I can confirm that I now have a comprehensive set of POI data installed, custom Icons working fine, and can make use of the "nested" method of holding POIs which signifcantly improves searching.


Accordingly, I have written-up my methodology.


It starts with the relatively simple, and moves on to things that are somewhat more technical (though easy when the concepts are understood, some people may baulk at them).


I'm happy to attempt to explain further by PM if anyone wants any help (and any questions may help me refine my write-up).


I can also offer a fairly comprehensive, and reasonably up-to-date, pre-built set of POIs ready for installation - details on the attachment.


Note The details are attached as a PDF, partially because the instructions give examples of .kml content, which is very much like the forum markup language, and thus screws posted data up, and partially because it will be easier for me to update/correct if anyone raises issues.


I hope anyone having issues with IGO8 POIs will find it useful.


Using POIs with IGO8 Navigation Devices.pdf

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