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A softer ride is the object

Mrs T

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Mr T is now in his mid 80's, he's a white van man and is now complaining about all the bumps in the roads so he's becoming interested in cars, he's had 15 VW vans from the split window type to the present day, including all grades, so now he's looking for somthing with softer suspension but retaining the height view.


He always wears his boots so today, wearing his boots (he says its essential for assessing pedal space) he looked at Toyota and VW, of the two VW was far better, both were in the range of £30,000. The VW has masses of leg room to get in and out and his knees did not get stuck under the steering wheel.


Unfortunately with both both types the bonnet area was too high making width judgement difficult. He says they should bring back that old red ball on a stick for the front near side. For this reason he did not ask for a test drive.


He will eventually get around to Lord Thornbers 80k car and says he will let you know his views.


Mrs T

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