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Compact camping/spare gas stove at Asda - £7.50

Mel B

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I know that some of you like to have a spare stove, or one to use outside when on holiday in your motorhome so I thought I'd mention this as it would be ideal - it is a compact gas stove which works off gas canisters (like aerosol cans) which has been reduced in our local Asda to £7.50 (was £10.00).


Its similar to the standard cartridge gas stove in a plastic case but on a bit smaller scale - it still has the large burner and pot stand, but the metal framework is smaller and the holder for the canister has a sliding piece so you can push it in when you're not using it (obviously removing the cylinder for safety reasons anyway!) so it fits nicely into the smaller case which also has fold-back handles . A nice piece of design and takes up less room than the 'original' style of these stove.




We've just got one and it's a little corker and uses the same cheap canisters as our portable BBQ. :-D


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