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Where are all the garage slides?


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I'm trying to track down a Fiamma 'Garage Slide Pro' and its sister product the 'Kit Bike Slide'. I didn't anticipate any grief as there are dozens of dealers that advertise them on their websites. However, I must have rung round at least 12 now, including the bigger ones, and the story is the same everywhere. No one has stock and they all state a 2 to 3 weeks wait from Fiamma for the 'Garage Slide Pro' to reach them (the 'Kit Bike Slide' is readily available). This seems a bizarre situation.

Anyway, I know it's a long-shot, but if anyone out there knows where one of these perplexingly rare items can be found from stock, or even second hand (tried eBay) then that would be just grand.

We are hoping to set off on hols in about the critical 2 to 3 weeks that the product will supposedly be available from but I'm not terribly optimistic we'd have it in time.
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Tried all the above, ta, it was always a long shot that someone might just have spotted one gathering dust on an 'obscure' dealer's shelf - looks like I'm just going to have to hope Fiamma can manufacture / deliver to dealers before our hols.

It strikes me as a comically weird thing to have a national shortage of.
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Not sure what the comparative spec's are, but have you considered using the Kit Bike Slides instead of the Garage Slide?

Depends on application and weight, but might be worth considering?

Looks like a substantial price difference.

alan b

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Hi there,


just had a look on Ebay item number :- 270850652014.


This is the Kit Bike Slide, but if you scroll down it does say

that the Garage Slide Pro is also available in the shop.


Can`t see it in the shop but it might be worth contacting

them, you never know.


01495 214501


Hope this helps.





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I built my 'garage' based on the dimensions of the Garage Slide so am keen to locate the actual bit. I could have made / adapted something but won't have time before the hols - am struggling to finish the build anyway!

Turns out for any less than uber-popular Fiamma part dealers do not habitually keep any stock at all but instead simply act as agents and order from one of the two importer / wholesalers. If the wholesalers have no stock then there simply is no stock!

Good for dealers, not so good for consumers.

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