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avtex sat dish


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i have an avtex sat dish and last monday when arrived on site set it up and the normally quickly locking on dish failed to lock on it just went to and fro up and down like an elephants trunk.. i was really annoyed and phoned avtex who are very good with queries.. they informed me that the dish was fine but the satellite which is just about dominated by sky has had its transponders altered by them to add anoth 27 HD channels which had upset the frequecy on my setup. i therfore had to send my dish back to avtex for re setting.. as it happens i was travelling past their hq in cardiff on the way home so i arranged to call in and it took 2 mins to update,, so if anyone is experiancing probs with their auto dish call avtex , if you are already locked on there will be no prob untill you close it down because it is the search facility that is affected
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