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Buccaneer Elan 14 1999 Control Panel Fault


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Hi. Wonder if anyone can help. Our Buccaneer Elan 14 1999 has suddenly developed a fault on the electric control panel. Nothing wrong with the battery which is charged, or the solar panel which does the charging. The panel is flashing and beeping every few seconds with the message on the display buO2 or it may be 6202. Nothing else works on the panel - so no lights, fridge, loo, water etc. I'll try to attach a photo of the display.

Seems a complicated piece of equipment and I doubt if it will be available now - does anyone know what the message means and if it is repairable?

Many thanks in anticipation.


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No one here was able to help but I have found out what's what.


In case the same thing happens again to anyone else, the figure displayed was a reset code and the cure turned out to be holding in the car electrics button or the van electrics button for five or more seconds until it disappears then touch the van electrics button to get back to normal.


So we have life left for a while longer in the old van! :-D

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