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netbook for navigation & exploring??


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We find satnavs good for getting you to a postcode etc. (usually!) efficiently, but difficult to use for exploring. Much better are large scale OS and IGN 1:50-100,000 available at sensible cost as software. A £15 GPU receiver shows where you are on the laptop screen. Autoroute is also suitable, and covers more countries, but the maps show much less off road detail.


What we haven't solved yet, is the best way to mount the laptop/netbook in the cab. There must be others out there who use this technique, and maybe have solved the mounting problem? Please share your ideas!


At present the best we have is the netbook propped in the open glovebox. My wife prefers the laptop which shows a bigger area (13" screen) but has to have it on her lap due to size and weight.


Thanks in anticipation.....

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