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As I am considering fitting a 11kg refillable gas bottle I made contact with two suppliers last week and asked for a price for the complete kit that I need to fit myself , both suppliers said they would get back to me either by phone or e-mail with a price for the complete unit. To date I have not heard anything from either supplier , are these people that busy they do not need the business in these hard times ?
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Admittedly,it's not good business practice..and unfortunately,I've found this does happen quite a lot(..remember Discover?... *-) )


Reasons given to me:

The person who took the message,just didn't pass it on.

They only works part time(.. and assumed someone else had completed it?)

They've been away at a show.

They've been on holiday for week...


...and who knows,maybe they are busy and it's just been overlooked(..relying as they do on "online" orders for "self fit" stuff?)...


Another phone call won't hurt.....see what they say...



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I recently bought and fitted a single bottle 11kg Gaslow system complete with all 3 filler adaptors and a 'Jumbo' adaptor for Spanish bottles should LPG prove too scarce in a particular area.

I priced this up on the net and Outdoor Bits were the best priced.

I happened to be at Chelston for the Jubilee celebrations and got them to price match so saving me the delivery charge.

Total cost £300. Just did my first fill last week and all seems fine with no leaks.

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