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Fiamma or Omnistor 3.5m awning


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I am sure that people have their favourite of these two awnings fitted to their motorhome and although I have read the websites for both and spoken to a couple of fitters it is difficult to see if one is better than the other. We have purchased a 2008 Knaus Sun Ti 650Mf and think it would be an advantage to have an awning for next summer ( if we get one). I am interested in hearing any experiences people have had with either make.
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Hi David

We have had both -

Fiamma on previous Bessacarr, Omnistor on previous Autocruise, Fiamma on current Adria.


IMO there is very little difference between the two makes, but we maybe favour the Omnistor.

Except the Omnistor are usually more expensive & have fewer outlets for spares.


The other option is the newish Dometic model, but no experience of them.




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We have a 4m Omnistor on our van what a waste of a 1000€ hardly ever use is. In 4 years I can only recall 3 times when it has been of use and left out for any length of time. Nearly every time we put it out we end up taking in again after 10 min as the wind always comes along directly after we put it out (yes we do lash it down).


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But this was about which was the better product, not so much whether or how individuals use them. By contrast, we invariably use ours and almost never lash it down. But - wind is the enemy!


I put the awning leg sockets on the side of the van, which greatly improves awning stability, and also facilitates using the awning "reefed" if there is any more than a breeze.


I have only ever owned Omnistor awnings, but have looked closely at both, and my impression, like John, is that the Omni's have it by a short head. They always seem to me just that bit more robust, and on the odd occasion when I have need a spare, I have had no difficulty obtaining one. Leisurespares are a useful source.


There is also Prostor (here: http://tinyurl.com/bocv8bx ), made by Brustor, which is owned by the Belgian Brutsaert family who founded, and then sold, Omnistor. Omnistor is now owned by Thule.


So, if you include the Dometic range, a choice of four brands. Personal view, but I would not consider the cantilever version of the Dometic awning unless someone could convincingly explain how a lightly made motorhome side wall is expected to take the very considerable point loads involved!

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Because of where we live we have 2 good suppliers for Fiamma spares

and accessories.


They do have some Omnistor spares but no where near the same choice.


Both are handy enough to call into so as you don`t have to do it by phone,

internet and delivery.


Todds Motorhomes......Lostock Hall.


Riversway Leisure......Preston Marina ( docks ).


I just think it`s something to take into account ( it`s only my opinion )






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We've also had both types(currently got an Omnistor)and as othr have said,thers's not a great deal in it...

..although if anything,the Omnistor seems more "clattery" when opening/closing.


Also,when our Omnistor was sitting slightly low the one end,(..which meant it needed a prod up, in order to get it to engage and lock),we were informed by a couple "agents" that there was no way of adjusting it,(other than making some shims,which I did),where as with our previous Fiamma I was able to loosen it off and readjusted it...


Justdon't forget to lash them down securely....and treat them as a sunshade...


My opinion,unless you tend to spend a lot of time just parked up on hardstanding and are just wanting a sunshade (...e.g watching the tour deFrance),I'd be saving the money, fit a decent awning rail and use a simple tarp/canopy... ;-)

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We`ve had both currently an omnistore which is easier and quicker to put out and stow than the Fiamma as the legs are fitted with quick release latches as opposed to turn screws the legs stowing into the case again are spring and latch fitted as opposed to turn screws. The legs fitting into the case can be awkard with the turn screw if you have to reach up. Regards spares, touch wood have`nt needed any so far with either make. As previously posted wind is a pain, inadvisable (in my opinion) to go out all day and leave them out unless you very sheltered, we always peg and guy ours, they are quite useful in rainy conditions as long as you angle one end for drainage, and they do give you a sense of the outside space is yours. Overall yes better with than without.
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We have had Fiamma Awnings on 2 vans and the current van has an Omnistor built in job.


IME the Omnistor is a lower quality awning than the Fiamma F45s? that were on the older vans.


It is noisey to operate, the handle mechanism is awkward to use and its been like that from new despite being supposably sorted by the dealer and then the vans maker.


It is a shame really as we use it more now having bought Lillypad windbreaker curtains for it and the more sturdy Fiamma would make fitting easier and should parts be needed the awning,Fiamma Importer is only about 20 miles away in Manchester

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We have had 2 awnings both Fiamma's, an F45 on the Autosleeper, never had any problems, even in quite strong wind gusts, (always have 2 strong guyropes on both support arms.) any problems : only that it was mounted on the side of the van, and added extra width, which had to be considered when driving down tree lined lanes. 2nd is an F65 mounted on our Autocruise, mounted on roof so no extra width. and clears the habitation door better when deployed. Both strongly made.

Spares readily available and fairly cheap, (a new end cap which was discoloured).

Recommend them. no experience of Omnistore. Ray


use ours mainly as a 'dry area' outside when its raining, all the previous good advice... follow it. or risk a catastrophy.

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Guest ChrisB

Like many others we have had both. Just taken delivery of the latest motorhome where this time I insisted on a Fiamma. The only reason is that on a number of occasions with the previous Omnistor I had great difficulty in extracting the winder arm from the mechanism. On the final occasion I had visions of having to drive home with the winder dangling from the side of the vehicle.

The Fiamma "hook and eye" mechanism is cruder, but simpler to use.

Am I the only one who has difficulties detatching the winder arm from the Omnistor?

Do prefer the Omnisor leg deployment/locking mechanism - but I'm sticking to Fiamma for my sanity!



We do use the wind-out awning whenever we stop (unless it's very windy) so would not be without one.

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