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The "Motorcaravan Manual"

Derek Uzzell

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My local library was displaying on its shelves the latest (3rd) edition of John Wickersham's "Motorcaravan Manual".


A quick browse through proved that JW's book has been heavily revised (I've got the original edition) and many of the things being inquired about on motorhome forums nowadays are well covered.


The RRP is £21.99, but it's currently available via Amazon for £11.65.


The 3 Amazon customer reviews are positive, though I would disagree with the suggestions that the book may be a bit elementary for, or unlikely to be of great value to, experienced motorcaravanners.


Given the elementary questions regularly asked on motorhome forums by (apparently) experienced motorcaravanners, and the inaccurate advice sometimes offered by such people, £11.65 has got to be a sound investment for anyone owning (or considering buying) a motorhome.

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Guest pelmetman

If anyone would care to lend me a copy............then I might not make anymore mistakes over the next 30 years :D(well a bloke like me got to have some hope)........compared to the last 30 (lol) (lol) (lol)


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