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I posted once about this and had one reply that showed a professional entertainer had his motorhome airbrushed to reflect his act. Looked stunning. It is also done in the truck industry and on motorcycles.


You have to be more careful washing the van because rubbing grit into the bodywork creates swirls which you can get away with unless it is an intricate design like an airbrush. An airbrush job will affect your chances of getting a good price when you come to sell. A very few people will pay a premium, most will walk away. You are unlikely to recover the cost which can run into thousands. Choose the right painter, and you will find they will prepare the surface correctly. I cannot see any problems with aluminium although things like GRP may be different.


An alternative is to have your van vinyl wrapped like Eddie Stobart and numerous other hauliers now do. You don't get the wow factor like you do with an airbrush job, but you can still getting stunning graphics. The maintenance problems are similar to those of special paint jobs. However, most haulage companies go for vinyls on a white truck base rather than a paint job. This is so that in 3 - 5 years when they sell the vehicles, the vinyls can be removed and the lorry sold as a white one again.


Having a personalised van makes it less attractive to thieves and potential buyers. I decided not to bother although I do have a vinyl graphic on my back panel!

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