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We have a slide out Omni Step on our 2005 Morello motorhome that has just started malfunctioning. It makes a buzzing sound but no movement when the switch is depressed, which presumably means the electrical supply is sound and the fuse ok. So it seems like a mechanical problem. I've tried to find info to fix/maintain it on the Omnistor web site but with no luck. Can anyone help?

I need a something like a maintenance manual so I can take it apart without guessing.


Thanks in anticipation

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The simplest way to get at it is to disconnect it, remove it from beneath the van, and then open it up on a workbench. They are fairly simple to dismantle, and you won't need a great assembly of tools. My guess is that the main problem will be grot. Strip it, clean everything, grease/oil the bearings and bushes, apply a little silicone spray on the side guides, and make sure all is working freely.


If you connect it to the electrics to test it with the case open, keep your fingers away from the lazy-tongs type arms that advance/retract the step because the motor is surprisingly powerful via the gear box and those tongs come together fast like powered scissors!

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Hi there,

i had a very similar problem with mine a short while back.


It`s fairly easy to take the step off, but if it is like mine you need to start

dismantling it before you can get to the electrical connections.


I supported mine on a little stool while i did this , awkward , but the only way.


Inside you will see the motor and the 2 arms that make it slide in and out,

at the motor end you will see 2 large phillips / pozi-drive screws which are

the main pivot point for the arms. These are partly obscured by the motor

and gearbox.


I was also told the it would be all the grot, grime and general debris that

will have built up, well it wasn`t.


The 2 plastic slide/bushes on each side along with the rubber strip

underneath the step had all done their job and it was very clean inside.


These 2 screws were the problem with mine as they had come loose.


As i tried to operate it the mechanism was jammimg up.


I tightened them up but they came loose again within a week or so.


What i then did was to take off the motor and gearbox so as to get to the

screws, clean them and then i used " Lock-Thread " on the screws.


That was 6 months back now and " touch wood " it has been working

perfectly since.


I did find a good diagram on the internet but for the life of me i can`t find

it again, but i`ll keep trying.


Hope this helps







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Forgot something !


If yours has the " Auto-retract " feature then inside you will see the " trip switch "

this is to cut the power once the step has fully retracted.


You can test it while it`s open just " MIND YOUR FINGERS " trust me in hurts !



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Wooie - 2012-07-23 6:01 AM


I did find a good diagram on the internet but for the life of me i can`t find

it again, but i`ll keep trying.



There's an exploded-view diagram here:




Also some useful Omni-Step stuff can be accessed via the "see the Omni-Step Instructions and Circuits as PDF files - 1.33 MB each" links on here:



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