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Rear corner steadies


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The best solution might be to use the corner-steady fitments that Compass would have installed on your model of motorhome (whichever it is) back in 2001, though this assumes, of course, that Compass originally offered rear corner-steadies as an option on your model of motorhome.


Some earlier forum threads:






If you can't source the original steadies, your best bet nowadays for manually-operated steadies would probably be to fit the fold-down type shown here:




You'd need to think carefully how and where to fit the steadies as they'd need to be bolted to substantial 'strong points' and also be easily accessible when you want to deploy them. There have been tales of steadies being attached to the motorhome floor's underside by enthusiastic DIY-ers who found the steadies poking through that floor soon after. I've also seen fold-down steadies (on Compass NEC-exhibited prototypes) where operation of the steadies would have involved lying full-length below the vehicle. You might find that the tow-bar makes fitting difficult: conversely tow-bars are strongly constructed and yours could provide ideal strong-points for the steadies to be attached to.


If you think rear corner-steadies would be nice to have, but not essential, I suggest you forget the retro-fitting idea. Installation may be challenging if you have limited DIY skills, and there always the possibility that you'll accidentally drive away with the steadies lowered (not a risk if no steadies are fitted).

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We have the old, caravan style, wind-down corner steadies and I have to say they are brilliant.

You can actually put a bit of tension on them, so that the rear of the MH comes up a couple of inches, and is thus rock-steady.


What about doing what I have seen other MH owners without such fitted steadies do: simply use a cheapo bottle-jack.

Placed on a piece of wood, and pushing up under one/both points where the chassis rails meet the towbar bar (or some other strong points at the rear of your van). You can cover its "head" or the area where it contacts your chassis, with some tough rubber to avoid scratches.

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