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T Mobile dongle for Europe?


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Yes, I bought one just before my last 2 month trip away in May this year. There were a few teething problems regarding crediting my account with enough money in order to “buy” the time I needed, involving a call centre in Indonesia!!. So I’d advise getting one well ahead [not last minute as I did!] and ensuring that you have enough credit for the time you need.


I bought the Euro booster for 30 days / a certain download allowance [forgotten sorry, not good on technology] and it worked fine. The time for lesser periods is very expensive pro rata I think. Good speed and connection. It was clear though that the download allowance would expire well before the 30 days – and all I do is check emails and do on-line banking – and look at the Forum of course!!! So I was careful, and used it when other options were not viable.


As usual, I used my phone, my Kindle and site Wi-fi – even McDonalds on occasions. But there were times when it was well worth having and I have made sure that I have loaded enough credit for my next trip.


Not very informative on the technological aspects I’m afraid, but I do enjoy the convenience. And I love the fact mine is pink!





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Guest JudgeMental

Errr...How much? :-D



seeing as Blackberry/TMobile have withrawn their excellent £15 a month world wide booster, that we have used for years :-|




I will watch this thread with interest..


we also have an IPad 3 now so suggestions for best way to get that on line appreciated also.

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JudgeMental - 2012-07-29 7:50 PM


Errr...How much? :-D



UMM… now you’re asking… I have a complete blank when it comes to “sums”. I THINK I paid £9.99 for the Dongle itself [although a quick glance at the website shows that it may now be cheaper]. And had to put on £10 credit.


In UK, I THINK it is £2 a day and £7 for week and £15 for a month. Cheaper than Caravan Club??? Anyway, as it’s PAYG you can use as, and when, you wish. Unlike my previous Orange Dongle where I was locked into a contract and sometimes didn’t use it during any one month


Euro Boosters…. I bought a 15 minute Booster to begin with, to “test” the system… that vanished in no time – 1 email I think. Can’t remember how much it cost. Seemed a lot though.


I THINK….. and memory may fail … that the 30 day Euro booster cost £40. At the time, and compared with what sites were charging, it seemed an OK deal to me, admittedly using it for convenience when site WiFi was VERY expensive.


I’ll use it again though. There are no horrendous bills when you get home! [unlike with my Orange Dongle which charged a an eye watering amount extra for very limited use in mainland Europe.]


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