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Hand Brake Extension/extender


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We have an Autocruise Accent on Peugeot Boxer base. The seat can be turned around to provide seating at the table. Please, can anyone advise on which hand brake extender to buy? My wife is now driving our motorhome and she has short arms! we want to contiue to sue the turned aroundf seat with the handbrake extension fitted.
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GOOGLE-ing on “handbrake extender” suggests that there are just two types currently on the UK market – the “Kobran” or “Rare Spares” products.






These are previous extender-related forum threads (there are more, but the forum’s SEARCH facility is tricky to use in this case).














My understanding is that there’s usually not much clearance between a swivelling driver’s-seat of an X250 Peugeot Boxer and the standard handbrake lever when the latter is in the ON position and the seat needs to be swivelled. And adding an extension will potentially reduce that clearance.


If you want to be able to put the handbrake ON and THEN to swivel the seat, it should be evident from the links above that only the Rare Spares extender is likely to allow this, as (by removing a pin) this product's operating lever can be swung downwards.


The Kobran extender does not have a 'swing downwards' capability and, when the handbrake is ON, there seems to be no possibility that the seat will swivel above it. Reading threads 27244 and 27304 (links above) suggests that, when the handbrake is in the OFF position, it may be practicable to swivel the driver's seat and THEN to apply the handbrake after the seat has been FULLY swivelled. However, if your Accent's driver's-seat won't swivel through a full 180 degrees, this won't be an option.

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