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Porch Awning for Sprite Finesse 2?


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Hello Everyone!

I'm hoping that someone may be able to help me find a porch awning to fit our Sprite Finesse 2. We need just a small one to put wet coats etc, but we don't want one of the flimsy lightweight ones. The problem with the Finesse 2 is that the door's at the back and opens towards the rear of the van. (To see what I mean do a Google image search - there's a picture of the Finesse 2 with the door open.) The door's under the curve of the roof so there's no room to put the upright pole and pad against the van. I've been told that what we need is called a "combi" awning which goes in the awning channel at the back of the van - can anyone recommend one please?

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Wot no replies?


I've been looking at pics on the internet of a small porch awning called an NR Salou 6 and I'm thinking that one might fit?


My pic of our van is the first one that appears if you do a Google image search on Sprite Finesse Awning, so you can see what I'm trying to get a porch for.


Wonder if anyone's got any thoughts on this, or experience of using the Salou, or any other useful suggestions for a porch that would fit. Please don't suggest a full-size awning - we had one with our first van, put it up once and wondered what we were supposed to put in it. We travel light :-D

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