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So who have I missed out?..............


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Can you believe it?


My income tax return form has been sent back to me because , in response to question 4 , "Do you have anyone dependent on you?" , I replied :


2.1 million illegal immigrants ,

1.1 million crack heads ,

4.4 million unemployables ,

900, 000 criminals in over 85 prisons ,

plus 650 idiots in Parliament and the whole of the European Commission."


They said this was not an acceptable answer!


So , who the hell did I miss out?


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You missed all the millions of people throughout the world to whom we are giving large wodges of aid, so they can then buy our Companies and shoot missiles into space.


You could also have mentioned that you are supporting umpteen dunderheads, like the ones who sent you the letter, in the Revenue offices who work part time, have long holidays and more sick days than the rest of society, and then retire on unearned pensions.


However, I suspect that would put you at the top of the 'full investigation required' list.


One day the revolution will come and the tumbrills will roll.

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the Civil Service & others who are support service to the Mp'a, MEP's + Local Councellors, NHS, etc.to name a few, Clive.


It's the reason the question is there, cos it's impossible to list them all >:-)

So enables the Tax officials to keep on circulating the corresepondence.

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Silly you you thought civil servants had a sense of humour THEY DON'T, engage with them at your peril. They are not civil nor are they servile and you left me out as an underpaid pensioner and having paid my dues for 50 years am a drain on the finances of the nation and I hope you keep paying me for a while as I'm here for some time to come. John :-D :-D
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