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I have a SunWare Fox Charge Regulato 150 with a 75vwatt solar and 2 leisure batteries each 100 amp.


Noticed today that panel does not show any charge and the panel states batteries at 12.4 volts.


The mh fitted unit states batteries ok , is it possible that i am getting a false reading on the Fox unit


and that probably the pcb in the unit has got a fault.


Last week when i was away all seemed ok and i was getting up to 3.4amp charging when sun out.


Anybody got any ideas.

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Check all fuses and connections for tightness and cleanliness and no blown fuses.


Check solar panel output voltage where it enters the regulator using a digital voltmeter.


There may also be a connection on the panel or between the solar panel and the cable entry point on the roof which will need checking if the input voltage is low.


Check regulator output at regulator and confirm it again at the battery terminals.


Best done in good sunlight so you may have to wait a while!!


Remove all connections to batteries and check their individual at rest voltages, then let them stand disconnected overnight or for a day or two and recheck their voltages.


What results are you getting from using the onboard mains charger?


Using a digital multimeter will confirm or contradict your van's panel voltages just in case the panel is telling porkies which is not unknown.


A digital multimeter is a lot cheaper and less hassle to get than any of the suspect components.

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The mh panel states full charge. All connections seem ok and tight, fuse ok, have noticed that the Fox panel states charging and that the voltage is normal.Also sometimes get reading that i have a charge of

9amps which cannot be true , no sun and only 75 watt panel.

I still think it is the circuit board

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We had a similar problem recently - Fox readout was either very high, or blank, or fluctuating dramatically, and we thought it must be the regulator - voltmeter readings for batteries were fine. We were close to the excellent RoadPro in Daventry, they had a look and quickly identified the problem as a fuse blown just by the batteries.

Which I guess bears out Tracker's suggestions as a good place to start.

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I recently, had a 120 watt panel and another battery fitted to our van, because I have to store it on a yard away from our house and I don't want to have flat batteries! Also as a radio amateur I run a lot of high amp 12volt kit when away. I am pleased to say that both panels show all batteries fully charged. I suggest that you follow Trackers advice and disconnect your batteries check and note their voltage, leave them for a few days and check again.

Cheers Iain

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