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Ducato exhaust trims

Tony Norton

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Hi All,


we need a new trim for the end of the exhaust of our '99 Mohican. There are loads on the market, some dirt cheap, others an arm and a leg. Now I would expect stainless steel to be dearer than poorly chromed mild steel from China, that's not the problem.


My query is, why do practically all the tail pipe trims I see fitted to Ducato based motohomes have a "D" shaped cut-out on the underside? I'm damned if I can see the purpose of this.


Any comments?


Tony N


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You right about the cheap chrome trim they rust immediately so get sprayed black on my Mohican after one season .

The exhaust pipe isnt long enough to clear the body and leaves soot on the body work as you probably know.

I would go for some stainless pipe and pop rivit onto the pipe would last as long as the exhaust.

The D section is just a deflector forcing the gases down to the floor no advantage but could restrict gas flow better straight pipe.

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When ours fell apart I made one up out a piece of scrap sheet aluminium and pop riveted it to the exhaust pipe - that was three years ago and it still looks good.


Cost - a quid for the aluminium from the local blacksmith plus a bit of time!


A 6" length of stainless steel tube offcut would have done even better but he didn't have any the right size!

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